Von’s To Offer DVD Rentals @ Kiosk

Blockbuster had best start thinking outside the box. Everyone and their mother is getting into the DVD rental scene these days. While shopping for my favorite fresh veggies and fruit TV Dinners, a nice gentlemen approached me and started talking about their new DVD rental service. The gist is that for a $1.49 you can rent a movie and have the luxury of returning them at any Kiosk location. If you are not in time, you have to pay a 99 cent late fee. Aren't late fees so 1990's? At any rate, the service they use is called DVD play and for 6 days out of the week you pay a $1.49 and on Mondays you pay $.99.  Limited space is available in a kiosk, so they only stock the latest movies. So far, it appears to be limited to Safeway/Von's stores in my area.

Its good idea, however, I would be willing to pay an extra 50 cents to be able to return them via mail without late fees.

DVDplay wesbite 

DVDPlay is the creator and manufacturer of the worlds first fully
automated and remotely managed DVD rental machine. Operated exclusively
by credit or debit card, there are no application forms to fill out, no
clerks to pay and no cash to collect. Rental transactions take less
than a minute. The entire system is simple, secure and easy to use.


There Had To Be A Better Way

built the first Automated Entertainment Machines (AEMs).  Our two
founders back in 1999 had a vision to update and automate the entire
video store experience. They designed an AEM kiosk making renting
quicker, easier and less expensive than a traditional video store. From
there the vision took off and today we have the DVDPlay kiosk.  Thank
you, Bill Barber and Phil Tomasi.