The old adage you get what you pay for still holds true. It is mighty tempting to go out and buy a 1080p LCD for under $2000 but you might find yourself not enjoying what you get. Case in point, Vizio's GV47LF TV looks good on paper but doesn't come through with black level and color accuracy.

From the article:

The main difference between this Vizio LCD and previous models is the
pixel count. The screen of the GV47LF HDTV displays 1,920×1,080 pixels,
allowing it to supposedly resolve every detail of today's
highest-resolution sources: 1080i and 1080p. As always, other sources
are scaled to fit the available pixels.

We say "supposedly" because the Vizio GV47LF HDTV didn't actually pass
the test to determine how many pixels it can resolve in 1080i mode
(turns out that doesn't matter much; see Performance for more). That's
because, unlike most 1080p flat-panel HDTVs, it lacks a dot-by-dot aspect-ratio
mode (which would display 1080-resolution sources without scaling) when
fed 1080i sources. It does do dot-by-dot (in the "wide" setting) with
1080p sources, however. With all HDTV sources, the Vizio offers two
aspect ratio choices, "wide" and "normal"; with standard-definition,
the number increases to four.