Apple: Record labels should drop DRM

Ask and ye shall receive, at least from Skirge :). He sent in a pile of news articles this morning starting with Job's request for record companies to drop DRM. I find his rant a bit disingenuous. After all, he was the one who quickly sold out to the record labels to sell music on iTunes. If he wanted to make a statement, he would drop the major labels.

From the article:

If not for the DRM safeguards, Jobs asserted
that Apple would be able to create a more flexible system that would
allow iTunes music to work on other devices, such as Microsoft Corp.'s
recently introduced Zune. ( is a Microsoft-NBC Univeral joint

suggested that consumers unhappy with the status quo should urge the
world's four largest labels — Universal Music Group, EMI, Sony BMG
Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group — to sell their online
catalogs without the DRM restrictions. Those four labels distribute
more than 70 percent of the world's music.