Sony KD-70XBR3 : 70-inch LCD flat panel


You don't get 70" of flat panel LCD lovin' for cheap these days. For a paltry, $33,000 you can get Sony's new 70" Bravia LCD. It comes will all of the new bells and whistles including HDMI 1.3, 120 Hz, and LED backlighting. 

From the article:

Advertised as one of the first HDTVs to impliment the xvYCC, the newest color standard capable of transmitting 1.8 times more colors than standard RGB, dubbed x.v.Color by Sony, by way of HDMI 1.3. Some of the features include 120Hz "MotionFlow" anti-blurring technology, coupled with 10-bit video processing and Triluminos LED backlight.

This set features 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with DRC-MFv2.5. (Digital Reality Creation Multifunction v2.5 is a standard developed to ensure that picture will not degrade depending on what resolution it is set at, as well as dynamically convert standard definition pictures into high definition.)