Terrestrial Digital Featured in Antenna Systems & Technology

Below is a small clip from the press release. The press release itself is not very interesting, in fact it just makes mention that some executive was interviewed in a trade publication. However, I thought it was a perfect excuse to ask you guys what antenna you are using. I am using an amplified version of the Silver Sensor with moderate success. I am 30 to 36 miles away depending on the tower and it makes for a difficult time getting the signals in different part of my house. I will be moving soon, I hope, and I will be looking at an outdoor solution right from the get go so I don't have to worry about futzing with an indoor antenna.

Press Release Link: 

Schneider was the only television antenna manufacturer featured in
the 2007 forecast.  He used the opportunity to briefly recap the
success of the company’s Lacrosse antenna, released in 2006, and introduce the company’s Micron line of antennas, due to hit the market in 2007.

“Throughout the past year, using new development tools to run
thousands of ‘what if’ scenarios to optimize performance and reduce
size,” Schneider said, “We have produced the most powerful small form
antennas on the market.”

The micron line will feature three new antennas: an outdoor model,
an indoor model and the first practical DTV antenna/ATSC set-top box
combo on the market.