Pioneer PRO-940HD

THe Pro-940HD barely qualifies for the HD name with a resolution of 1024X768. Personally I have not dealt with rectangular pixels but I would think that it would not work well with Media Centers. Odd resolution aside, this TV does get high marks for out of the box picture quality and the ability to stream media files.

From the article:

Pioneer readily admits
that it doesn't manufacture the largest plasma televisions in the
world, nor the lowest-priced ones. The company, however, believes that
its flat-panel televisions outperform all others when it comes to
producing accurate and pleasing imagery. After spending some time
testing the 42-inch Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD PureVision plasma TV, I
would have to agree. The PRO-940HD offers near-perfect image quality
right out of the box, and its ability to access music, video, and image
files locally or on a network was simple to configure and use. Though
it costs more than most 42-inch plasma TVs, the PRO-940HD earns my
Editors' Choice for providing solid performance in an attractive, yet
functional design