SideShow | Great Media Center Extender Complement


Chris Lanier is on a roll today with the latest news on remotes. This time up it's a little in depth look at the Sideshow remotes that we've been promised for months but have yet to see one publicly. I gotta reitterate my previous post, I'm quite dissapointed that we've still not seen any new remotes for Vista after all the hoopla & delays…but I guess these seem to be worth the wait.

SideShow modules can have the ability to be loads of
interesting things, including audio and video playback.  As far as I know, the Ricavision SideShow
module is just meant to be a secondary screen for control.  Things like scheduling a show to record, or
browsing through your music library for playback to occur on the PC are just a
few examples of what SideShow will bring to you.


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