Lift Hides 50-Inch TV Under Bed


Gone are the day of ugly bulky tubes haunting our bedrooms. With sleek flatscreen TVs. there are now a multidude of ways to display them, or in this case hide them. The huge lift in this story pops out from underneath the bed and goes back under with a push of the button. I can certainly appreciate this invention.. but dang that thing is big. I would prefer something a bit more modest like a nice chest that allows for a pop up TV. After all if I am only 6 feet away, I am pretty sure I don't need a 50" TV.

From the article:

According to MK 1, the A/V accoutrements—DVD player, subwoofer, surround sound, etc.—can be stored along with a 50-inch flatscreen beneath a king-sized bed. If you sleep in a queen, you’ll have to downsize the TV to 42 inches. The Underbed Lift goes from hidden to HD in 45 seconds.