HDTV Podcast #141

I am somewhat negligent when it comes to posting the HT Guys podcasts. I would hate to play favorites to Ian, so I have to be sure to get these guys to. They have their weekly dose of news and talk about Sony's VPL-VW50 1080p project and HD DVD.

Podcast Summary:

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We always get questions about front projectors and why we don't spend more time on them.  After seeing some of the presentations and demos at CES, we see why so many people these days are opting for this kind of setup.  There's nothing like a 100" screen to create the true "Home Theater" experience.  The newly announced JVC ILA and Panasonic 3LCD projectors that will be available later this year are already stirring a lot of interest.  We're hoping to check them out when they're available, but for today we picked a different 1080p projector to look at, the VPL-VW50 SXRD from Sony.  This little wonder, sometimes called the Pearl, retails for only $5000 – a great deal for a 3 chip, native 1080p front projector.