HD DVD looking over its shoulder at Blu-ray

It looks like the Blu-ray juggernaut is starting to gain momentum. Not only are there more Blu-ray player on the markets, the DVD sales are drawing close as well. Its interesting to not that bu the end of 2006, the vast majority of Blu-ray players were PS3 players. To some, the PS3 is an overprice console, to others it is a decently priced DVD player. With Sony looking to have further price cuts on the PS3, you can bet the next gen consoles are going to continue to play a large role in the next gen format wars.

From the article:

In terms of movies available, HD DVD appears to have the lead. A unscientific search of Amazon turned up 342 HD DVD titles compared with 257 for Blu-ray. And during the first two weeks of January, there were no new HD DVD titles released and just two movies on Blu-ray. In other words, there's not a lot to choose from at this point.

Blu-ray has a bit of an edge when it comes to studio support, as there are more studios releasing films in that format than HD DVD. The size of the film library, however, will be only one factor in determining which one ultimately comes out on top. We're not going to know the answer anytime soon.