Digital Video Essentials’ Gets a New Date

Digital Video Essentials, a must have tool for calibrating your TV, has yet another announced date of Feb. 27th. Blu-ray users are out of luck for now, as it's the HD DVD version that will be released.

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Now, amid much anticipation from high-end early adopters, the HD DVD 'Essentials' is at last back on the release schedule for February 27. Specs, features and the $34.95 list price remain unchanged. (A Blu-ray version has yet to be announced.)

Though such production delays are always frustrating, we have to admire Kane's long-standing dedication to perfection — the standard-def DVD version of 'Essentials' was reportedly delayed for over a year. We're already barricading ourselves against further disappointment by working a bit of voodoo finger-crossing here at High-Def Digest to prevent any further postponements. Let's hope it works…