Coming Soon to HD DVD: Silicon Optix HD HQV

It was only a matter of time before HQV updated their test suite to work with the next generation of DVDs. Anadtech has had a chance to look at an early version from HQV. They take you through a preview of the tests and then runs an ATI and Nvidia card through the tests themselves. It looks like they both fall flat on their face. 

Hrm, I think we need to get our hands on the new HD DVD version ourselves :).

From the article:

With cable and satellite carrying interlaced video, watching TV and
recorded content on the computer will be the more important benefactor
of high quality deinterlacing support on graphics hardware.
Of course, owners of 1080i HD DVDs and Blu-ray movies won't want to be
overlooked. It could be argued that good deinterlacing is more
important on cable boxes or TVs, but stand alone HD DVD and Blu-ray
players are out there that provide higher quality deinterlacing and
noise reduction than can currently be achieved on a PC. In fact,
Silicon Optix not only makes the HD HQV benchmark, but their HQV line
of video processors featured in high end consumer electronics devices is designed to pass all of the tests featured in their benchmark.

We certainly hope AMD and NVIDIA will pay some much needed attention to
their HD video processing and address the issues we've seen here. As
many of the techniques used in standard definition video processing can
be extended to HD processing, we hope that future driver updates will
make things more interesting. If and when we see something more
interesting happen on PC graphics hardware, we will revisit the issue.
We also plan on comparing the PC and consumer electronics hardware in
the future as well.