The Daily Button – Feb. 8th, 2007

The Daily Button


Absurd News: New York to ban listening to iPods while crossing the street.

Absurd News: RIAA responds to Mr. Job's DRM rant article at the LA Times 

Goooogle News: Gmail is open to the masses at Cnet. The four people who don't have gmail addies sign up.

Peripheral News: Novint's Falcon  (3D gaming mouse) video from CES at some blog related to Newsweek 

Peripheral News: Onkya aluminum keyboard first look at Akihabara News 

TV News: Volume leveling device for TVs at MSNBC 

Hot Deal On A TV: Westinghouse 37" 1080p LCD TV for $1099

Vista News: Vista's EULA examined at Wired

Video Card News: GF 8800GTS on sale at Comp USA  (Tech Report article)

Video Card News: AMD Radeon X1650 XT review at Driver Heaven 

Video Card News: HIS X1950Pro IceQ3 Turbo review at Guru3D 

Video Card News: HIS X1650 XT IceQ Turbo @ HotHardware 

Ram News: 2GB Mushkin XP2-8500 review at PC Apex

Ram News: 2GB OCZ PC2-9200 review at Techspot