The Media Center Show #94 – Mark Pendergrast on Extenders

Is MS finally going to come out with an extender besides the 360? Well you are going to have to listen to Ian's latest podcast to find out. I will be listening a little later on, so I don't have any spoiler information for you right now. 

Podcast Summary:

Listen Here: 

This week on the show I talk Media Center Extenders with Mark Pendergrast
from Microsoft, we talk about the progress from the V1 extenders and what is
coming in the future. Mark also has some great tips on getting the most out of
your Xbox 360 Extender.


12:56 Mark’s roll at Microsoft
16:50 Features and how they get
19:00 Cablecard
22:20 What was the success of V1
26:31 Getting the Extender in to the Xbox 360 project
Challenges in developing the Extender
35:00 Why can’t we have Divx on
38:00 Transcode

40:10 What is new in Vista for Extenders?