One Household at a Time

While I try in vain to install WHS, the WHS team gives me a small taste of what I can expect when I finally get the install to work correctly. I am stuck in some sort of awful install loop! After the first reboot it goes to an older style Small Business server install and then after that reboot it does nothing. Has anyone had this problem? Anyone? Bueller?

I am VERY interested in the features it offers, although I hope the include more MEdia Center server functionality in the end. Click the link below for an explanation of more of the features.

From the article:

After the Windows Home Server Connector software is installed, a full
image-based backup of each home computer is initiated every single night by the
Windows Home Server software.  From these backups stored on the home server, you
can do a complete restore of the entire PC or open up one of these backups to
restore individual files and folders.  By default, we make the assumption that
people want to backup all of the PCs in their house so they can do a complete
image-based restore if necessary, and we have some great technology for
consuming very little disk space on your home server for all of these backups. 
More on that tomorrow …