How to Reduce Window Problems in Home Theaters

No TV performs as though it was in the dark when exposed to copius amounts of daylight. However, TVs have come alooong way in the last few years in solving these types of problems. Electronic House has a few tips to improve your HT environment both for visual and acoustics.

From the article:

Problem #3: No Space for Speakers
Speakers designed to be mounted
into or onto the wall are popular among home theater designers for a combination
of great style and performance. Unfortunately, the more windows a room has, the
less wall space there is for the five or more speakers of a surround-sound

In-ceiling speakers – New designs in in-ceiling
speakers make these devices a viable alternative to in-wall speakers. Featuring
moveable tweeters and angled grilles, in-ceiling speakers can now be pointed
toward the listening area to create a sonic experience that’s nearly as good as
what you’d get from wall-mounted speakers.