Samsung HL-S5679W 56-inch LED DLP HDTV

DLP based RPTV sets have found a place in many homes with its cheap price and great screen. However, a small percentage of the population suffer from the rainbow affect. Manufactuers are getting around this by employing different types of light engines to display the image. As you can imagine, you can expect to pay a price premium over traditional DLP sets as evident by the HL-S5679W's price tage of $4000. The flipside is that you never have to replace a bulb. Although this TV demands a premium price tag, you do get premium features such as a 1080p VGA port, dual 1080p HDMI ports, Firewire port, and a CableCard slot with built-in TV Guide.

From the article:

Besides its exotic light engine, the Samsung HL-S5679W 56-inch LED DLP HDTV is a full-featured set that delivers crisp high-def pictures with rich, satisfying color — and no rainbows. You're bound to find other DLPs that offer similar picture quality at a lower price. But if you're itching to own a forward-looking TV — and LED is sure to play a big role in TV's future — Samsung has your ticket to tomorrow.