Klipsch RT-12d Subwoofer

This is the type of article that I need John to cover because of his experience building loud speakers. This traingular shaped sub features one active 12" driver and two passive radiators on each side of the box. Other features included with the $1999 price tag include 800 Watt amplifier, and Adaptive Room Correction.

From the article:

This subwoofer is a bass reflex alignment, with a 12" front-firing active driver, and dual side-firing 12" passive radiators. The woofer is an overhung voice coil design, with dual spiders featuring woven opposing tinsel leads, a double stacked magnet with vented pole piece, a cast basket frame, and that famous copper-colored Cerametallic™ cone with a high-excursion rubber surround. The passive radiators use similar cones, surround, spider, and cast basket components. The woofer is attached to the cabinet with machine screws and recessed nuts – a nice touch.