Harmony Solutions Maestro LSX; Not Just Another Pretty Interface


No, not Logitech's Harmony. Another one. The company is actually called Harmony, and their software the Maestro LSX is apparantly special enough to get an award at the upcoming CES. Their software does appear to be cool enough, but their website seems like it's stuck in 1999…GOOOOO BIG FLASH INTROS!!!

In addition to the all-in-one control of lighting, irrigation,
awareness cameras, and thermostats, Maestro was designed with the
family as its prime concern. A plethora of family-friendly features
give Maestro its “whole home” appeal. For example, when Maestro is not
in use, it becomes a digital picture frame displaying all the pictures
in a slide show format which are normally sentenced to isolation on the
family’s digital camera.

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