An InFocus Projector and Screen for Under $600

Are you looking for a very budget orientated front projector and screen? Well, InFocus has you covered! For the small sum of $599, you get a projector and a screen. This is all after mail-in-rebate of course. The IN72, that is part of the bundle, is a EDTV (854X480) projector and is 720 ANSI lumens. Also part of the bundle is a 92" screen. Does anyone else thing this would be perfect for a bedroom?

From the article:

Ok here’s the break down of the deal ; the IN72 retails for $799, purchase the IN72 from the InFocus on-line store  between 11/19/06 and 12/31/06, use coupon code HOME92 at checkout and you’ll receive your free 92” screen. After purchasing your IN72 + free screen bundle, send in this rebate form (warning PDF) for your $200 rebate.

Heck of deal in my estimation. No, the IN72 isn’t a HD projector but at 854×480 (EDTV) and 720 ANSI lumens you’ll still get a big, bright, sharp image. I’ve never personally seen an IN72 but I did own a SP4805 from InFocus, which I found to be a great budget projector and by all reports the IN72 is a better projector. Something like this would be ideal for a second theater, maybe a kids room, gaming room, or even the bedroom.