Sony Ships Blu-ray Player

And there was much rejoicing! Sony, the main driver behind the Blu-ray standard, has finally started to ship their player. The specs in this article are a little week. I am not sure how it is going to handle the next gen HD audio formats and 1080p/24f. If you stumble across the specs, please post them in the comments of this article:).

From the article:


The unit compliments the company’s lineup of full 1,080p capable displays and
source devices, including BRAVIA flat-panel LCD and Grand WEGA SXRD
rear-projection televisions to the new PlayStation 3 game console, BD-ready Vaio
computers and PC drives.

“I’m thrilled that it’s here just in time for the holidays,” said Randy
Waynick, Sony Electronics’ home products division marketing senior VP.
“Combining a Sony 1,080p HDTV set and our new BD player with an HDMI-enabled A/V
receiver and surround sound speakers provides the epitome of the high-definition