From Crawlspace to Home Theater

I have the itch.. the itch to transform every available room into some sort of Home Theater/Listening Area. That may not happen, but God willing, I hope to buy a house with a nice basement and transform it into the HT of my dreams. Until then, I will read about stories like this one about converting dingy basements to an awesome HT. 

From the article:

But the Holmes family was already shelling out top dollar to make the basement
livable. “We had to be careful about keeping the cost of the system down,” Smith
notes. That didn’t mean skimping on quality but rather designing the space in a
slightly different manner than he had originally planned. “Fixing the screen to
the wall rather than motorizing it to lower from the ceiling was a huge cost
saver, as was using a $350 handheld remote control instead of a $4,000
touchscreen-style controller.” Choosing a single-chip DLP projector instead of a
three-chip model also helped save Jim and Jannette more than $10,000