Verizon to Offer Live NFL Network Programming Over Broadband

Being from Canada, I never truly understood how big of a deal the NFL is until I moved down here. I have seen coworkers discuss the games for over an hour on Monday morning. Verizon is making a smart move by getting in the NFL mix. I am sure it cost them a pretty penny.

From the article:

Customers who subscribe to video and broadband with Verizon can now enjoy live
NFL action on their TVs, PCs and laptops, both at home and away from home," said
Bob Ingalls, chief marketing officer of Verizon. "NFL Networks already is a
premier part of our video offerings, and we're delighted to add it to our
fast-growing roster of top-quality online entertainment programming. This
reflects our commitment to providing consumers more and better choices in video
and online entertainment."

Through a separate agreement, Verizon
provides the NFL Network TV channel to subscribers of its 200-channel
all-digital FiOS TV Premier package.