mcBackup 3.0 Beta…finally!

Ok, so I’m only giving Ian a hard time here, but seriously I’m ecstatic that he’s finally been able to update his awesome mcBackup application for Windows 7-based systems. If you have ever had to format your Media Center only to have to painstakingly remember which programs you had recorded, that’s exactly what this app will solve! And don’t forget […]

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Analysts Say Netflix Streams Embolden Studios, Digital Window

I would invite these analysts to visit our forums with actual Netflix users. From what I’ve been following, a lot of you subscribers are basically unaffected by this decision. I think what’s more interesting is the specific call out against Blockbuster, more so than addressing the ever growing RedBox kiosks. Time will tell here. “The new release window may […]

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February 2nd Blu-ray Releases

After a slow start to the year, February starts off with a ton of new Blu-ray releases. A lot of these are remastered for Blu-ray and we have a lot of classics here…from Gangs of New York, to Casablanca, to Godfather. Not too many actually new movies here, with the exception of Love Happens and a few others. I must […]

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January 26th Blu-ray Releases

The slow year continues for Blu-ray releases. If you feel like something gruesome, Saw VI continues the seemingly neverending storyline. Surrogates with Bruce Willis didn’t get much attention in the theaters, and for a reason, I wasn’t that impressed but there were some nice action sequences. Just makes our pick of the week that much easier to choose. MissingRemote’s Pick […]

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Oppo BDP-80 Universal Blu-ray Player First Look


Audioholics, the group that uncovered the truth about the Lexicon scam of blu-ray players, takes a first look at the just announced new BDP-80 even more affordable Blu-ray player from Oppo. Sounds like a fantastic player if you can’t afford the amazing BDP-83 for $500.   Audioholics The differences are fairly substantive but are well chosen in our opinion. The […]

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Patriot Box Office HD Media Player


Patriot Box Office HD Patriot has been around for years, mainly known for memory type products. Recently however, Patriot has branched out quite a bit in their product lineup and have now introduced a viable high definition media player to compete in the somewhat crowded world. This particular unit takes a similar media player concept and hardware platform and expands […]

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Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless HTPC Keyboard

Another entry into the wireless keyboard realm.  It’s always nice to have options.   As such we have seen a new trend develop, after the complete failure of Microsoft’s MC keyboard — which they refused to deliver with a IR receiver ?! Companies  are now picking up that segment of the market by introducing small, yet fully functional keyboards, with included trackball […]

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Sometimes you just can’t have enough wireless keyboard reviews to peruse.   As mentioned earlier, I’ve been very weary about wireless input devices. But this keyboard has surprised me in a nice way. I’m even starting to use it during my overclock sessions. Only downside might be the high price. But don’t forget this is an all in one combo. […]

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