Roku Open to a Blu-ray Drive

Now this is an interesting rumor developing, where Roku is thinking about possibly adding support for a blu-ray drive in the future. The price here is the key more so than anything. With Blu-ray drives continuing to drop in price, most people probably would not mind buying the $99 Roku and pairing it with a $100 Wal-mart player. Now, if […]

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HQV Benchmark 2.0 Blu-ray Back in Stock


The debate continues whether this was ever in stock to begin with, but good news is that it actually IS in stock now! If you’ve been waiting, you might want to hurry since no word on exactly how many they have in stock. Given the lifespan of these discs (looong) you would hope they have plenty to last.     […]

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Hockey-Themed Theater Serves Up Jumbo Fun


I know we have some hockey fans here, so this might be your heaven. I’m a modest hockey fan but I still think this is an awesome theater! Not sure how effective that jumbotron is, but it sure is an eye popper.   Electronic House Make that a lot more creative. Strang suggested hanging a miniature jumbotron from the ceiling. […]

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FCC closes loophole keeping HD off FiOS

Is this thing on?  Hehe… my 1st official news post.  Let’s see if I can’t mess this up.  It’s good to be the king.  No, not me!  That’s what Cablevision has been shouting at Verizon for a while now, touting their "exclusivity" to HD regional sports content.  Well, thankfully, the FCC has finally come to the rescue and all you […]

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YouTube Premieres Movie Rentals at Sundance

I think everyone saw this one coming as well, as it looks like YouTube is getting their feet wet with renting movies through its service. Hopefully if this takes off a bit, YouTube might invest a bit more in having a 10′ UI somewhere…or maybe they’ll just be happy being part of Boxee and Roku? NewTeeVee YouTube just announced on […]

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Microsoft reorgs the Media Center and Zune parent group

Uh oh….this reorganization is either going to be really really good for Media Center…or be really really bad. I’m hoping for the former, and will try to get more information at next month’s MVP Summit at Redmond. TDL As a natural evolution of the Interactive Entertainment Business, our consumer products and experienes focused on games, movies, tv and music will […]

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Intel Wireless Display is a Happy HTPC Experience


When I first saw the demo of Intel’s newest wireless streaming technology, I knew it had potential! Fellow MVP Barb Bowman got her hands on the Netgear PushTV device and has run it through its paces…and guess what, it’s really cool! The ability to wirelessly connect and stream content from your laptop to your HDTV seems great! Barb Bowman The […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup

With CES over and done with, it’s time to get back to normal. Except for Ian, he dangles one final CES interview for our enjoyment! The Media Center Show #240 – Final CES 2010 Interviews This is the final batch of interview from CES. I have Arcsoft talking about how to get 3D movies in Windows Media Center using Total […]

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