Microsoft reorgs the Media Center and Zune parent group

Uh oh….this reorganization is either going to be really really good for Media Center…or be really really bad. I’m hoping for the former, and will try to get more information at next month’s MVP Summit at Redmond.


As a natural evolution of the Interactive Entertainment Business, our consumer products and experienes focused on games, movies, tv and music will move into IEB, led by SVP Don Mattrick. In addition, we’ve formed a new centralized E&D services infrastructure team, which will act as a combined resource across the division.Finally, Enrique Rodriguez has decided to move on from his leadership position running the tv, video and music business and is evaluating his next career opportunity. The TVM first party business, Zune and Windows Medica Center will move to IEB, and Mediaroom, the TV platform businesss, will become a standalone group within E&D, reporting directly to (E&D) President Robbie Bach