Dish Networks – CES 2012


Oddly enough the most interesting thing I saw today was Dish Networks announcement of their new whole home DVR set top box (STB) the Hopper, alongside a “extender” called the Joey. Details were a bit sparse, but it looks like the solution works over MoCA and actually offers a real whole home solution HTPC style. Check out the pictures and a more complete list of features after the break.

  • Recently Dish Network service rebranded as “Dish”
  • Hopper offers 2TB of built-in storage with options for user added external storage 
  • Not all of the 2TB of space is user accessible, some of it (undisclosed) is used for “Dish Unplugged” – a service where movies are delivered via satellite and stored locally for VOD/PPV
  • Dish will offer a viable satellite broadband solution (12 Mbps claimed), which if it comes anywhere close to delivering will be an excellent option for people in rural areas
  • Blockbuster streaming gets a lot more competitive with more TV shows and movies

  • My favorite feature on the

    My favorite feature on the new Hopper has got to be Primetime Anytime. My DISH coworkers and I were given the opportunity to try out the Hopper and Joey yesterday, and I will definitely have to get this when it’s released. PrimeTime Anytime is an awesome feature because it gives the option to record up to 6 HD network programs at once (like CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX, etc.), for an eight days at a time block. The Primetime feature also doesn’t impact the 250 HD hours of recording space either. That would eliminate most DVR conflicts all together, can’t wait to get it in my own home.


  • This product is fantastic, if

    This product is fantastic, if I didn’t have a HTPC setup and all the extenders I would be looking to this option for my TV service. Adding in the new Dish Internet with it, it makes it a killer deal for 79.99/month…