Western Digital adds Vimeo to WD TV

Last month is was Spotify, this month it is Vimeo and Playjam. Western Digital has been on a roll recently with updates and addons left and right for its WD TV platform. The recent round of updates adds Vimeo support, if you you are not familiar with Vimeo, think YouTube but better. The other addon this time is Playjam, a gaming platform that will add hours of mindless fun.

The WD TV Live may not have the clout of Roku or Boxee, but these little streaming boxes are a good choice for streamers and home media enthusiasts. They added Spotify to the lineup last month, which makes the box a solid replacement for your laptop or iPod when you just need a few tunes, and now they’ve announced Vimeo and Playjam access as well.

That’s really all there is to it.

You know Vimeo, no doubt, and Playjam is a games channel full of time-wasters to play while you’re waiting for your movie load up or transfer. They’ll both be installed via a firmware update for the WD TV.

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