Spotify Roundup:Love for Windows Phone 7 and Roku

Spotify Love

Spotify just can’t keep its social media sharing music service to itself. Earlier this week Spotify launched their Windows Phone 7 app. Spotify was announced for the platform at MIX11 back in April. Obviously after such a long wait you would hope it turned out pretty good. If you are a Spotify subscriber and Windows Phone 7 user, it sounds like there is no excuse not load this app up right now.

 One of the reasons that Spotify says the app took so long to make it into the Marketplace is that they were working on getting it looking and feeling perfect—like an extension of Windows Phone’s Metro UI instead of just another third party app. They nailed it. 


Also this week, word leaked out that Roku is next in line to receive some Spotify love. This is not surprising news given that Boxee and the WDTV Live have already receive Spotify apps in recent weeks. The development screens suggest the Roku Spotify channel is already pretty far along.

Roku users will soon be able to access their Spotify playlists on the device: A dedicated Spotify channel for Roku is apparently close to being launched, I’ve been told by a source familiar with both companies’ plans.