Roku 2 XS Review

Roku 2 XS

Its been awhile since Roku released the Roku 2 and we have even seen the odd review pop up, but every so often we need someone to take a device for a super detailed spin before we know if it is right for us, and that is just what the folks over at AnandTech have done with the Roku 2 XS. I have been a big fan of Roku’s previous boxes, recommending them to a number of people, including some family members. When Roku announced the Roku 2, I was certainly intrigued, particularly with the new petite form factor and the addition of casual game support. From the sounds of things there is still a lot to like about Roku’s media streamers, but it also sounds like the Roku 2’s physique may not be all that has been slimmed down. It’s always disappointing when we see a product’s successor shedding features and compatibility.

With low cost comes the lack of features, and what we end up with is a media streamer that works well only within limited parameters. Take it out of the comfort zone (like, say, venture into local media playback as specified on the box, or even look up one of your favorite channels that used to play well in the previous generation Roku), and you are bound to be disappointed.