Roku 2 XS Review

Roku 2 XS

Its been awhile since Roku released the Roku 2 and we have even seen the odd review pop up, but every so often we need someone to take a device for a super detailed spin before we know if it is right for us, and that is just what the folks over at AnandTech have done with the Roku 2 […]

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Roku 2 Unboxing


There’s a quick unboxing and setup posted of the Roku 2, with lots of pictures for those who prefer to skip the reading.  I keep thinking about picking up a Roku or Boxee and cutting the cord (see news post below), but I think I’d be giving up too much.  Then again, if cable channels keep cancelling the shows I […]

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Roku 2 Is Now Official


The Roku 2 has not been a secret for a while now thanks to the FCC, but it would appear that it is now completely in the open. Roku has finally made the official announcement about their new lineup of media streamers. The new Roku boxes are not major upgrades, but do bring some interesting new features and some new […]

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