Roku 2 Unboxing


There’s a quick unboxing and setup posted of the Roku 2, with lots of pictures for those who prefer to skip the reading.  I keep thinking about picking up a Roku or Boxee and cutting the cord (see news post below), but I think I’d be giving up too much.  Then again, if cable channels keep cancelling the shows I watch, there may be no need!  Anyhow, the Roku 2 is considerably smaller, which is a definite plus, but that did require some compromises on connections. 

Do you own a Roku or Roku 2?  How are the streaming services?  Is it worth the price?

Looking at the back of the unit, we stacked the Roku 2 on top of the previous generation Roku XDS for comparison purposes. We still have HDMI (now upside down), ethernet and power. The optical audio and component video jacks are gone. The RCA audio and video connections are now provided by a proprietary cable that’s included.


  • My parents love the roku and

    My parents love the roku and they use pandora through it like crazy also the watch netflix through it