iTunes TV Rentals A Thing of the Past

I can’t say I’m too surprised that TV rentals never kicked off. Who wants to spend $14 to have a limited time to watch a season of Sons of Anarchy, when you can spend the same amount and have unlimited access to it (and more) via Netflix?

It has only been a year since Apple first introduced TV rentals from iTunes, but the company has already decided to kill that part of the service. The change wasn’t formally announced—instead, Apple TV users began noticing that the ability to rent 99¢ TV shows was no longer available, eventually leading Apple to confirm that rentals were no longer an option.


  • In all fairness you couldn’t
    In all fairness you couldn’t compare it to Netflix like that, apple got the shows a whole lot faster than Netflix. I used it a couple of times when I would forget to DVr a show or my sagetv messed up on me. But yeah I never saw the value.