News: Plex now available on Roku devices

If anyone has ever modded a first generation Xbox you are fully aware of Xbox Media Center (XBMC). It was basically a new front end for consuming media through the xbox hardware. Over the hears XBMC has been forked into many different media front ends, one of which is Plex.

Plex is now running the Plex client on the Roku devices (XD|S review), think Media Center extenders but for Plex. You still need to run a Plex server on a desktop of course, but this allows you to extend and play your content from a low cost, light weight, device at any TV in your home.

I for one just might get a Roku box just to try this out.

Plex, the popular Mac-fork of the XBMC project announced something pretty exciting – the Roku Streaming Players will now work as extenders (they call them Plex Clients) for Plex!

Plex Media Server works on OS X, Windows (soon will work on Linux), the 2011 LG Smart TV, and now the Roku Streaming Players which start at $59 (720p) and $79 (1080p).  That’s a pretty good value and in my opinion puts Plex up with the best of HTPCs with the low-cost extender options.  Throw in their support for iOS and Android devices as noted in the chart below and I think its safe to say the Plex team has been working on connectivity like no one else.

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  • Just to note, there is a bug

    Just to note, there is a bug with the Windows version of Plex Media Server where the Roku is unable to find the server over wireless. If your setup is wired or your using the Mac version of PMS, it will work. An update is expected within a few days.