Keeping the Analog Hole Open, and Options in Case its Not


GeekTonic has a great guest blog covering all things Analog Hole–that beauty in your set top box that allows you to connect it to your HTPC and import high definition content without copy protection. The fear among all us HTPC users though, is what happens when/if that hole is plugged by the cable companies? Luckily there is an answer, and serves usage besides just set top boxes!



I am here to report that pairing the HDfury 2 with the HD-PVR works beautifully. The HDfury 2 gives a very impressive picture up to 1080p. The device also has an analog audio out as well as a S/PIDF digital out from the same connector similar to the way Apple does this on laptops and the Airport Extreme. This audio is pulled from the HDMI audio stream which is very handy and saves some wire clutter. The audio is down mixed to 5.1 over S/PIDF as far as I can tell but that can go directly into the HD-PVR which is all the channels it can handle in the first place. The only issue I have ever had was a bit of overscan showing up on the recordings but this was solved by cropping the slight green line on the very edge in post processing. I love the fact that I can use an HDMI splitter or matrix switch to split the HDMI to this device and the projector or TV that I have and record while or what I watch. I have gone ahead and signed up for premium digital content because I can finally it without DRM. Even if they turn off the component outputs with selectable output control I can record in the full quality.