CEDIA 2009 Windows Media Center predictions


The CEDIA expo is coming up next month (September 8-12), and it’s one of the largest shows all year for consumer electronics corporations. Ben Drawbaugh from EngadgetHD looks to get the jump on the announcements with a couple of predictions for the show, some conservative and some far out there. No doubt I’d be a happy camper if all of these came true!



The next total pipe dream is support for Managed Copy. Since Microsoft PlayReady is one of the supported DRM technologies that can be used to protect full quality copies of Blu-ray Discs, we’d really love to see Microsoft announce support for Media Center. On one hand we think Microsoft will leave this to 3rd parties the way that it currently does for Blu-ray playback, but at the same time hope that all the necessary tie-ins are already built into Media Center. We are already seeing some of this in Windows 7 with all the updates to Movie Library, but we’d love to see more. So our prediction is that there will be some Managed Copy related announcement from Microsoft or one of its partners.