VideoScan Releases High-Def Disc Sales Numbers

So who's the big winner, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray??? Did you put your marbles on the right one? Well, the good news if you already bought one is…there's no decisive winner. I can't decide if that's good or bad. Where's that pr0n influence we heard would drastically sway this?? 

According to VideoScan, during the first two weeks of January,
Blu-ray discs outsold HD DVD by more than a 2:1 margin. It should be
noted that the two weeks in question saw only two new high-def disc
releases — both from Blu-ray ('The Covenant' on Jan 2, and 'Crank' on Jan 9).

More interestingly, VideoScan's numbers indicate that during the
seven days between Jan 7 and Jan 14, Blu-ray managed to close the gap
of total discs sold since inception with HD DVD by over seven
percentage points, suggesting that if the current trend continues, the
two formats could be at disc sales parity within weeks. 

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