Xbox 360’s Seriously Flawed DVD Playback

If you've been planning on buying an Xbox360 for your main DVD usage, you may want to check out this article. Not a very flattering article about it, but hopefully one that draws Microsoft's eyes to hopefully make improvements.

To say that the Xbox 360 is a "decent" DVD player, as we have seen reported in so many places on the 'net, is giving it way too much credit. Frankly, it's a terrible DVD player. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough evidence to compare Xbox 360 DVD playback with other consumer electronics (and even PCs) and see what you're missing. It's true that not every DVD exhibits the sorts of problems highlighted here. Many don't have any particular errors to speak of. But "many" isn't good enough, and there are enough DVDs—popular ones, at that—with serious problems.

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On a side note, I've heard plenty of good news about the HD DVD addon, so if you're looking for a solution to play DVDs, it's not bad & comes in at a very affordable $199 price. Then again…maybe it'd be easier to just buy an Oppo stand-alone DVD player 😉

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