Blu-ray sales nudge past HD DVD

I have to say, I am rooting for HD DVD now. Just because of the arrogance portrayed by the Blu-ray team. They really remind me of overpaid sports stars. Never the less, Blu-ray has nudged past HD DVD in next gen DVD sales.

From the article:

Graffeo says that HD DVD players continue to have the highest disc to
player attachment ratio. David Bishop, worldwide home entertainment
president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment commented: “Seeing HD DVD
in our rear-view mirror is no surprise to us. Blu-ray’s success is
something that we have predicted since we first started promoting the
format.” He cites s technical superiority of the format and greater
player introductions as reveals for a format victory.
Warner, which supports both systems, concludes: “Both formats are selling well on software.”

Via Engadget HD, there is a story out that HD DVD outsold Blu-ray 4:1.