Wired HDTV Tests

I am pretty sure the editors over at Wired need a few extra days off this Holiday season. After going through 25 HDTV's, you can be sure that they deserve it. I am somewhat surprised a Sony all in one solution takes top recommendation with the likes of Pioneer's TV lineup in there.

From the article:

Everything-in-a-box systems don’t usually inspire superlatives, but
Sony’s unprecedented TV-home theater combo is a real showstopper. When
closed, the TAV-L1 plays audio through a superstylish flat-panel
speaker. When you’re ready for video, press a button and the motorized
speaker elegantly drops down to reveal a 32-inch flat-panel screen.
Hi-def images are crisp and well-defined, with vibrant and realistic
colors. And the blacks are solid: Dark scenes are much easier to
discern here than on many other LCDs.