First Review Of The Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Player

One huge problem with the format wars has been vendors rushing their players out without the complete set of features. Every HD DVD and Blu-ray player has suffered from that so far. This even includes Sony's first player that was recently release. While they do get a few things right like native 1080p/24f, they forget to add HDMI 1.3 and BR Live!

From the article:

With all settings made, the HD Guru measured the amount of time the BDP-S1
takes to load and play a Blu-ray disc. No doubt about it, the BDP-S1 is not the
speediest disc player you will ever encounter. Pushing the power button, the
BDP-S1 requires 12 seconds to display “Power On”. Another 35 seconds elapsed for
the player’s alphanumeric display to read “no disc” allowing the drawer to be
opened and a movie BD ROM disc inserted. After the drawer closes, wait another
36 seconds for the movie studio’s logo to appear on-screen.