Toshiba’s SED TV a no-show at CES

A LA PS3, Toshiba's SED TV can't quite make it to market. Things must be really tough if they can't get it too CES. Technology that is months and months out always make it CES. The last step in getting this technology to market seems to be a lawsuit between the parties developing the technology.

From the article:

A Toshiba representative declined to explain the reason for the
cancellation, but a note sent to people with appointments to see the
SED TV at CES said it wasn't due to technical issues.

"The reason is neither a technical nor business issue, but we are not
allowed to disclose details due to confidentiality obligation," the
note read. "Toshiba further believes that the issue will be resolved
soon, and then we will be able to come back to the U.S. for a 55-inch
SED demo."