High-Rise Home Theater

Electronic House has quickly become one of my favorite reads. If for no other reason then their features of different connected homes. This week's features a high tech condo with a fantastic view of Chi-town. A Crestron system, the heart of their media center paradise, controls everything from their thermostat to their 83 inch screen.

From the article:

The media room is a great spot for Patrick and Judith to catch a game or settle
in with a movie, but the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Crestron audio and
video distribution systems feed content from a Sony 400-disc DVD changer, an
Escient music server and a high-def cable box with built-in TiVo to several
other areas. The master bedroom, for instance, receives video on a slick 42-inch
plasma TV that rises and articulates from a custom cabinet. The setup is both
aesthetically pleasing and functional: The homeowners can keep the TV tucked
away when they want to and when it’s revealed, twist it toward the bed or the
sitting area for the best possible view. The Canton speakers attached to the
plasma swivel along with the set so the sound is always coming from the
direction it should.