Panasonic PT-61DLX76 61-inch 1080p DLP

We are all pretty excited to see 1080p become the resolution standard for TV's. I would have to guess that sometime in the next year it will be the dominant solution. Adding these numbers will be Panasonic's PT-61DLX76 61" DLP. It looks great on paper with all the right features in place such as dual 1080p HDMI, lower price, and CableCard. However, it appears it falls short in the PQ category.

From the article:

Panasonic is a respected name in the world of
flat-panel plasma TVs, but when all is said and done, the Panasonic
PT-61DLX76 61-inch 1080p DLP HDTV is a mediocre offering in a crowded
field of similar TVs. The company clearly put some effort into
equipping this HDTV with a solid feature pack, including 1080p
resolution, at a relatively low price. Unfortunately, its picture
quality falls short of its considerable competition, making it less of
a bargain than it appears.