Acer Delivers First Viiv-Verified TV

As the title mentions, Acer is the first company to have a TV ViiV certified. What exactly does that mean? I really have no idea at this point, I am sure they verified it takes standard HD resolution and timing. Is it a Vista extender? This really means nothing to even a geek like me.

From the article:

"Acer's AT3705 is the first LCD TV that integrates digital TV with media gateway
functionality," said Jim Wong, president, IT Products Business Group, Acer Inc.
"It provides customers with an integrated digital experience via the range of
practical and convenient applications. We envisage a true Digital Home
experience to converge information with entertainment, then, we may claim the
arrival of the Digital Home era." Viiv is based on industry standards such as
DLNA, UPnP, and DTCP-IP. The AT3705 LCD TV allows playing back content such as
recorded digital broadcast TV programs and protected content