JVC Shows Slim-Cabinet D-ILA TVs

The advantage of going LCD panel or plasma is no doubt how slim the TVs are. A few manufacturers have tried to close the gap by developing slim cabinet TVs. Whats even better, the new TVs will accommodate wall mounting :D. 

From the article:

The DLA-HD1 (shipping in February at $6,299.95) produces a 15,000:1 native
contrast ratio through a new .7-inch D-ILA panel and light engine design that
does not require an iris.

The company claims this will yield strong black levels, and the “the
industry’s highest” contrast performance, without sacrificing brightness

The projector will use a 2x Fujinon zoom lens, and can be easily mounted on a
ceiling or tabletop. Lens shift is said to be 80 percent vertical and 34 percent