Forget L.C.D.; Go for Plasma, Says Maker of Both

Let me preface this story by saying Panasonic is the largest seller of Plasma TVs. Given the steep drop of LCD prices, its not a huge surprise to see Panasonic to defend a large chunk of its profit pie. Still, as the article states, its a bit unusual. Panasonic has even went as far as offering side by side comparisons of the two technologies at trade shows. 

From the article:

Panasonic also looks to segregate the market. The company argues that
L.C.D. TVs, which look brighter in daylight, are the right choice for
kitchens and other rooms that need smaller sizes. But in larger sizes
and for fast-moving sports scenes, plasma is the right choice, said Mr.
Greenberg. Since the ad campaign began, “field research shows that the
dialogue is changing. Once you point out that the blacks in plasma are
blacker than in L.C.D., it is like pointing out the rabbit in the