Control Your PS3 With IR

Sony dances around the bush a bit too much for my liking. They are paradox within themselves (if that makes any sense). They have been very innovative over the years but at the same time they try to suffocate advances in other areas. Using a Bluetooth remote is one more area where they needed to think it through a little more clearly. Fortunately, there is always a solution for what ails you on the internet. Remote Central has an article that allows you to use 14 of the 52 available IR commands.

From the article:

The trickiest item to obtain will be the original DVD remote control
for the PS2 – at least one that comes with an external IR receiver. All
currently marketed DVD add-on remotes do not include that external IR
receiver, since one is already built into the slim PS2. So, you’ll need
to find an add-on remote designed for the
PS2. For this test I used the official Sony PlayStation 2 DVD Remote
Control model SCPH-10172, which specifically mentions “with IR receiver
unit” on the package front. The part number of the IR receiver is
SCPH-10160. To find one check out the usual suspects for non-current
hardware – eBay, bulk liquidators, and so forth.