AudioAccess WHEN: Combo Receiver, Multiroom A/V, Intercom System

The AVR21EN from Audio Access goes a little bit beyond the traditional multiroom audio system. It takes a well stacked receiver and adds whole house expansion capabilities through the KP21 amplified display keypad and AVH21 A/V Hub. The unit is able to control up to six external sources, two AM/FM tuners, sat radio and of course iPod integration.

From the article:

AVR21EN Details

– On-screen programming for all AVR and whole-house functions
– Six
dedicated IR outputs with built-in IR library and front-panel IR learning

Three RS-232 source interface ports
– Six "Flag In" source status ports

One 12-volt trigger output
– One RS-232 port for control of AVR functions and
programming upgrades
– One external IR receiver input and loopthrough
– Connect an iPod to the AVR21EN using the Audioacccess aDock
– Six
composite multiroom video outputs from Source video inputs to AVH21
– Two
multiroom digital audio bus outputs stream eight digital audio sources and
two-way control signals
– Surround modes include: Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro
LogicII, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Headphone, DTS, DTS Neo:6, Logic 7 and
– EzSet/EQ; includes microphone
– DCDi by Faroudja upconverter scales
all inputs to 1080i via HDMI output and 480P via component output
– Two AM/FM
– System supports up to 20 remote zones with the KP21 amplified
display keypad and AVH21 A/V Hub