Samsung Booth – CES 2012


After sitting through Samsung’s CES press conference and seeing their newest displays I was expecting great things when we finally made it to the booth. Unfortunately, it was all about Smart TVs at Samsung; which is not to say that connected platforms aren’t important, just in my opinion less so than picture quality. While it’s impossible to really judge the […]

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Pivos AIOS HD Media Player


We have reviewed a number of media players in the past, from the Boxee Box to the Dune HD Smart H1 unit. The decision on which player is right for your home is never simple, given the wide array of options available to consumers and depending on their price points and needs. We hope our Media Player Comparison Guide has […]

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Media Browser 2.5.2 (Apollo) Released

Media Browser

Version 2.5.2 of Media Browser, codenamed Apollo, has been released. In addition to the usual raft of performance improvements, there are a number of big changes to version 2.5.2 that every Media Browser user should be aware of. First up, this version Media Browser requires Windows 7. Windows Vista is no longer supported. Also, Media Browser is getting its own […]

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Asus O!Play Mini Media Player Reviewed

Asus O!Play Mini

Asus has been quietly selling the O!Play line of media streamers for a few years now. It’s been awhile since we had an O!Play in around here for review, and I would imagine they have advanced a bit. Certainly they have gotten smaller as evidenced by the O!Play Mini in this review. The O!Play Mini is not a network streamer, […]

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Rumor: Microsoft Planning Kinect-based Settop Box

Kinect TV

Join me, friends, as we take a little stroll down rumor lane. Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows and Windows Weekly fame has related a rumor that Microsoft may be working on a Kinect-based settop box. It would essentially be an Xbox minus the pesky video games, retooled specifically for media streaming. The inclusion of Kinect would allow for […]

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Quick Guide to Fix Access to YouTube with MacroTube


Accessing streaming media from within the Windows Media Center interface has always been an issue; an issue that Microsoft never really stepped up to resolve, leaving WMC users to rely on the goodwill of community developers to devise solutions for accessing services such as YouTube. One of the more promising projects to come along in that vein was MacroTube. Unfortunately, […]

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